High-end research and
technological development services

We specialize in technical consulting and team setup for companies which blend science and technology trends with business needs.

Our business model is built on basis of gathering, preserving and effectively using modern technology with emphasis on structure and processes to overcome human factor risks as much as possible. We work as a white box with all the progress being transparent, relying on active communication and lean project metodologies. Having substantial experience building R&D teams for various PoC and production ready projects, we are sure to deliver the level of quality you might expect. Feel free to contact us if you have an opportunity in mind, we will swiftly evaluate your demand and come back with a proposal.

3 sigmas above average

We always try to keep our expertise persistent. Whether it's a new application area or an ongoing development, we build up our knowledge base, core team and environment to be able to start fast and keep up with the current state of art along the way. Constant education is not a bonus here, it's an obligation.


We never fake expertise or apply for a job we can't deliver. If needed and when possible we rely on our trusted partner network in order to provide you with the best to our knowledge services and solutions. We are eager to demonstrate what we can do and to help you find someone who can do what we can't. We don't want you to work with someone you don't trust.


Our core team consists of software architects and engineers with 10+ years of experience in R&D projects mainly, including areas such as automative industry, robotics and broadcasting. We keep ties with high tech companies in the area as well as with the universities and scientific facilities. Whenever possible we try to broaden our reach to any suitable expertise exchange events, conferences, tech workshops and hackatons.

Lean approach

Being a small company, we still have a solid experience growing teams for very peculiar areas and different customers in the past. We are keen to finding the best experts, setting up processes and communication channels to adapt to hard requirements in terms of quality and time to market. Fast prototyping is our strongest trait, specifically in projects that require working with bleeding edge technologies.